man, i want to believe that writing has a part to play in getting us through the coming dark ages. i really, really do. but if "writing" no longer produces the kind of durable, beautiful objects that survived the apocalypses of the past—if all our work is just floating in the same digital soup, equally ephemeral—what are we aiming at?

and for that matter—is "writing" what we're doing when we compose myths and hymns, prayers and incantations? those seem like the shelf-stable goods we'll need in the future, rather than essays and grudgingly-serialized fiction (as satisfying as those things are for now.)

i guess that's kind of the point, though: i should be addressing these questions to the daemon. looking forward to learning more!

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This is from a review of one of Brian Evenson’s short stories, I will link below. I read this review right after this post, because I had recently read the story. what I found interesting is the lines in her review about being “hooked” and “reeled in”, but from the perspective of the reader and not the author. I found it fascinating that her words reciprocated your thoughts but from a different point in the cycle.


The review in question begins under the header “Anna’s Commentary.”

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I believe in what you say, I know that art has kept me alive in the reading, the making, the listening, and the viewing. As a person who struggles with depression, PTSD, money making, my daemon gets easily lost in the madness of this age. It's a hard world to traverse. Difficult to sit and accept when nothing happens. Thanks for your optimism. I'll go to the studio. ♥️

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